On June 30, Gov. Wolf signed SB 554 now Act 65 of 2021, into law, amending the Sunshine Act.  It is effective in 60 days from 6/30.  Act 65 requires that local agencies make available to the public the agenda in advance of the meeting.  A local agency must:

  • Post the meeting agenda on the its website at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. The agenda must list each matter to be considered;
  • Post the agenda at the meeting location, and at the municipal office if the two are not one and the same;
  • Distribute copies of the agenda to all attendees.

These new rules do not apply for conferences, work sessions, or executive sessions. There are certain times when the municipality may consider other not on the agenda:

  • Emergencies: A current or potential emergency with “a real and present danger to life or property”;
  • New Issues: The governing body may take action on a matter arising within 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • De Minimis Issues: Matters not involving expenditure of funds or entering into a contract.
  • Majority Vote: The governing body may take action if a majority formally approves the amendment of the agenda. The reasons for the amendment must be announced at the meeting, and the amended agenda  must be posted on the agency’s website, and at the principal office location of the agency no later than the first business day after the meeting.

Please notify the Richland Borough Secretary of your intention to attend and the matter you would like to address at the Monthly Council Meeting via in person, telephone or email.

Thank You in advance for your cooperation in respecting this new policy.

Richland Borough Secretary

Rebecca Schnoke